Barry Petri Is A Master Of Sterling Silver

What makes a piece of sterling jewelry a masterpiece? Ask Barry Petri, because his work has all the hallmarks of silver mastery. It’s heavy, complex and beautiful!

No one pounds silver like he does!

Temple Doors Of Silver


One has only to compare the silver stamp work on one of his bracelets to anything else found on the market today to see, that his bracelets and overall silver work is nothing short of spectacular.

It’s not just that these bracelets are so intricate, or that each one of them is like a precious work of art.

These Sterling Bracelets by Barry Petri have soul…deep soul from the well of a man who day after day comes into his studio and meets the challenge of silver, its light…there also to work furnace bellows…lift hammers…strike anvils…

All this in some form or other for the last 35 years…

Spiderwebs of Sterling


I have looked at thousands of sterling bracelets…from many countries, as well as from all time periods!

You might say that I have become a bit jaded…and maybe I have – there is very little out there in the way of sterling silver jewelry that’s being made today that excites me. That gets me to want to reach deep into my pockets and pull out my hard-earned cash and make a purchase…it’s gottah be great for me to do that.

For these bracelets, for the mystery of them…the work, the countless hours each one of them takes to make…I will pay…

Stars and Rolling Logs


I have made a commitment to acquire as many of these hand stamped sterling bracelets as I possibly can from Barry. Indeed I am currently encouraging him to make other sterling silver jewelry items as well…

Expensive? Yes they are…!

No doubt about it! At the current prices we have set for his exquisite silver work, these prices may seem expensive, but this is a temporary condition.

Soon, the current prices we have set for Barry’s work, will seem cheap compared to the future prices his work will command. It is certain that Barry Petri, although he has been pounding away at silver for a long time, presently is not widely known.

Spiral Triangles


Obscurity for Barry Petri? This is all about to change!

I love this man and his silver work. Each piece is a testament to one craftsman’s journey.

In the beginning, he like so many other silversmiths from the sixties and seventies produced work that was highly derivative of Native American silver work.

A lot of those smiths are no longer making jewelry today. It is only a select few who persevered through the years; who learned how to make from the past something new for the present..

With Barry Petri, there is an honoring and respect for what he learned from the past…from those old Navajo Silver Masters…

Today his work stands apart…It is distinct and soon, as he becomes better known for his fine and highly detailed work – the value of his sterling silver jewelry will escalate both in price as well as prestige….

Martin Codina

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