Native American Sterling Inlay or Micro Mosaic Jewelry

The Best Native American Inlay Jewelry

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Native American Silver Craftsmen are now, in my less than humble opinion – The Leaders Of Sterling Silver Micro Mosaic Jewelry in the world…They Call It Inlay or Inlaid, Micro Fine Inlay and so on…

For Contrast Look at this Victorian Era Micro Mosaic Bracelet

This One Sold At Auction For $3,400.00 by Rose Hill Auction Gallery

It’s a lovely bracelet, it has an interesting theme, and it is nicely crafted; but can it really be said that this micro mosiac bracelet is better, or more finely crafted than the Native American Inlay Bracelets on this page? I Think Not!

Micro Mosaic Jewelry Is No Longer The Sole Provence Of Europe…

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…This is not your Grandmothers or Great Grandmothers Micro Mosaic Grand Tour Jewelry, this is something much more. Look at this bracelets  fluid lines. The design seems to flow, the horses look like real horses…the back of the bracelet, you know the part that almmost no one ever sees? That features extensive stone inlay as well.

Today’s Best Micro Mosaic or Inlay Silver Is Made by Native Americans

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Now mind you, I am not saying that All Native American Silver is the best, I am saying that the best of it by  far surpasses most of what you see out there in the world of contemporary silver…

Considering that some of these  Native American Inlay Jewelry Bracelets contain thousands of small individually cut and polished stones in order to compose their designs, each by this virtue becomes like on to a minor miracles, and thereby masterpieces…

I think there is more of a community amongst Native Americans…that because so much of it is being made in closely knit families and regions, there is much more chance for the Best Native American Silversmiths to teach others their hard learned craft.

Martin Codina

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