American Indian Jewelry Hallmarks and Biographies by Dr. Gregory & Angie Yan Schaaf


Product Description

American Indian Jewelry II: A-L

Hallmarks and Biographies

By Dr. Gregory & Angie Yan Schaaf


Buy a copy of this book and we will also send a Free Copy to a Native American Reservation School or Library

There are at least three groups of people who need this book:

  1. Any Dealer of Vintage or Contemporary Native American Jewelry
  2. Anyone who has started a collection or already has a collection they wish to more properly identify.
  3. The next generation of Native American Jewelers

To the best of my knowledge, of the hundreds of Reservation Schools and Libraries Out There

Exactly Zero Have This Book!

Let’s change this: It is vitally important, if Native American Jewelry is to continue to flourish as an art form, then children and adolescents living on the reservation or who are exposed to Native American Museums and other institutions need the information that is readily found in this incredible book.

The Book of American Indian Jewelry Hallmarks and Biographies by Dr. Gregory & Angie Yan Schaaf is a work of considerable scholarship. It has taken years of deep and passionate research for this book to find its way into publication. You would be right in thinking that any one who has endeavored to publish a book like this, with it vast documentation was either crazy about the marketplace, or as I prefer to think, someone who is dedicated to the advancement of one of the very few true Native to America art forms…

When You Buy This Book for $59.99

A Free Copy Also Goes to a Native American School or Library

It’s Like Buying One and Getting  One Free

This is a standard reference for American Indian jewelry, a source for factual information, neatly organized and lavishly illustrated in full color.

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