Jim Selbe and Stargazer Studios Pendant


Product Description

Jim Selbe and Stargazer Studios Pendant

…1920’s Starlight Room…Dancing…The Clink of Glasses…You Looking Into the Eyes of Your Amour…Everything So Perfect…

This is a wonderful inlaid Pendant, unlike most you will ever see. Art Deco or Modern In Style and Appeal…The natural stone inlay is seamless, and very well polished. The Lapis is well sprinkled with gold pyrites…and the center Chrysoprase is large and well figured. 

Pictures don’t do it justice…

You think you have seen something like this Pendant, but then you look again and realize…while it owes something to the great Zuni Silversmiths, it also is something that stands apart…and is in every way original, much as is the silversmith who made it…

Circa: 2011

Pendant Size: 3 3/4″ x 1 1/4″

Total Weight: 54 Grams

Stones: Lapis, Fox Turquoise, Chrysoprase

Clearly Marked: Stargazer – Sterling

Total Item Description: Jim Selbe and Stargazer Studios Pendant

Condition: Great New Condition

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