Mona Van Riper Don Quixote Sterling and 18K Gold Buckle


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Product Description

Mona Van Riper Don Quixote Sterling and 18K Gold Buckle

Design Elements:

Surround: Hand Twisted Sterling Wire

Don Quixote: Sculptural Formed Body, Highlighted with Line Engraving…Shield, Hat, and Spear Tip in 18K Gold

Skeletal Horse: Sculptural Formed Body, Highlighted with Line Engraving…Visible 18K Gold Horseshoes

Buckle Field: Background Populated by 8 Spectral Skeletons, Three of These are Crafted from 18K Gold

Outlines: All Images Hand Outlined With a Zig-Zag Stipple

Buckle Reverse: Hand Engraved With Image of a Windmill…

Circa: New

Size, Weight, Dimensions:

Buckle Size: 4 1/4″ x 3 1/4″

Buckle Will Fit: 1 1/2″ Belt

Total Weight: 110.9 Grams = 3.5 Troy Oz.

Gold Weight: 7 Grams 18K

Clearly Marked: Mona Van Riper – 18K – Sterling

Condition: Great New Never Worn Condition

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