Why Buy Artisan Sterling Jewelry?

Because One Day It Will Become A Silver Heirloom

A Jim Selbe Bracelet Like This Takes About 40 Hours To Make

This Jim Selbe Bracelet Is Not Cast or Molded, It Takes Thirty Pieces of Hand Soldered Silver To Make

Let’s Face It:

There is so much fluff sterling jewelry out there…the kind of jewelry bought on the spur of the moment, to make the purchaser feel good…maybe go with that new dress and so on – thin – not very well constructed…like bracelets made in factory’s, along with 100’s of thousands of other bracelets…these will never be rare and wonderful!

You may have bought this jewelry to feel special for a moment, but then the moment passes, and you are left with an item that does not have much value…

Buy The Best Artisan Silver That You Can Afford

Sure, It’s Expensive…But It’s Made By Hand…

And you will cherish it for many years: Mona Van Riper Crown Buckle

Silver Jewelry Made In Factory’s Becomes Tomorrows Junk Silver:

Nothing all that unusual about this.

In the end the fashion bracelet or pendant gets stashed in a drawer or worse, it finds its way into the recesses of a jewelry box, and remains there forgotten till the day its owner takes it to a precious metals buyer and it gets sold and then melted for a few penny’s on the dollar.

Artisan Jewelry Holds its value…

Artisan Silver Jewelry – Hand Made

Constructed and Crafted One Piece at a Time…

Artisan Sterling Silver Jewelry Goes Up, Not Down in Value: Barry Petri Heavy Stamp Work Bracelet

Box Store or Mall Silver, OH My!

The Barry Petri bracelet above uses a total of 9 individual hand cut stamps. Each stamp element has to be perfectly lined up and then individually struck…in order to get the overall stamped effect, this bracelet is literally struck 100’s of times…

On the other hand, the sterling bracelest that you are buying from Macy’s or Barney’s or heaven forbid a chain jewelry store for say $150.00 or $200.00 was mass produced on a machine by a disinterested worker and has no real soul, and to add to the insult of this, at its best as a metal, it’s worth maybe $30-$60.00 in scrap metal.

So not long after the fix of your fashion moment, no one will really much like or want the jewelry item you bought from a box store…and I promise you, this piece of jewelry will find its way to the scrap pile. I know, I go through scrap piles with silver jewelry items like it almost eveyday.

Today, At The Forefront Of The Artisan Jewelry Market

Are Native Americans Silversmiths…

Extraordinary Beaver Totem Pendant by Ed Archie NoiseCat

Here Are 5 Reasons to Buy Artisan Silver:

  1. It is Better Constructed
  2. Its Weight and Overall Feel Is More Substantial
  3. Silver Artisans Take Pride In Their Craft
  4. Better Material
  5. It’s an Investment That Becomes an Heirloom.

If you want to make a fashion statement then why not buy something that almost no one has…everyone has a piece or two of Tiffany or Bulgari fluff…tangles of insignificant sterling jewelry…little sparkle dangles of metal that have almost no resale value, except for their intrinsic metal value, which I assure you is not much…

Stand Out…Make A True Statement…Support Artist, and their Jewelry Making Efforts…

All The Best,

Martin Codina

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